Karma Lhundup Rinpoche

Services, Ceremonies, Teachings and Empowerments Offered by Ngakpa Karma Lhundup Rinpoche


  • Dzogchen Meditation: Looking at your Natural Goodness
  • Dudjom Tersar Ngondro: The concise preliminary practices of New Treasure Of Dudjom Rinpoche
  • Phowa: The Transference of Consciousness at the Time of Death
  • Chod: the fastest skillful method to truly realize No Self
  • Chenresig Practice: the four-armed Buddha of compassion practice in accordance with Northern Treasure tradition called Jangter


  • Medicine Buddha empowerment
  • Good Health / Long Life empowerment
  • Tak Chag Khung Sum, Hayagriva-Vajrapani- Garuda, the triple Wrathful Healing Mantra
  • Four Armed Chenresig of Jangter Tradition
  • Machig Troma Nakmo: the black wrathful mother dakini, terma of Dudjom Lingpa

Ceremonies & Services

  • Ngakpa Karma Lhundup Rinpoche regularly heads pilgrimages tours conducted by Judy Arpana
  • Mountain smoke offering ( Riwo Sangchoe ) and protector pujas for purification within our environment
  • Summoning of Life Force
  • Summoning Wealth, Fame, Name and Inner-confidence
  • Paying back 100 Karmic debts, Chod ritual called Changbu-Gyatsa
  • House Blessings
  • Land Blessings
  • Auspicious Ceremonies for Weddings
  • Long life pujas
  • Tsok pujas through Buddha of compassion for deceased
  • Green Tara pujas for protection and generosity, Goddess of Compassion
  • Dur Ceremony to pacify demonic influences and negative emotions (done with Wrathful Black Mother Dakini)
  • Fire pujas (done with five root mother goddesses in Troma Nakmo chod Practices)
  • Divinations: done with the help of the glorious wrathful wisdom dakini Palden Lhamo
  • Can arrange healing ceremonies for almost every human sufferings and worries
  • Makes a very special protective silver amulets with relics of the past Buddhas and Masters

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